mooring lines in a sentence

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  1. Ever seen a five inch mooring line start " smoking "?
  2. The holes were also used for belaying mooring lines and sail sheets.
  3. Special safety precautions must be followed when constructing a combination mooring line.
  4. She was hit several times, and her mooring lines were parted.
  5. The mooring lines may cause minor scouring or a potential for collision.
  6. It's difficult to find mooring lines in a sentence.
  7. The wind also snapped mooring lines holding two ships to piers in Norfolk.
  8. Some ships use wire rope for one or more of their mooring lines.
  9. Once a mooring line is attached to a bollard, it is pulled tight.
  10. A tethered balloon is held down by one or more mooring lines or tethers.
  11. Potential also exists for entanglement in mooring lines.
  12. A light rain began to fall as the ground crew grabbed the mooring lines.
  13. Bollards and cleats can have multiple types of mooring lines tied off to them.
  14. Mooring lines are usually made from manila rope or a synthetic material such as nylon.
  15. Mooring lines and hawsers may also be made by combining wire rope and synthetic line.
  16. It was carried away by strong winds and smashed against rocks when a mooring line snapped.
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