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  1. The standard of allowable mooring force for ocean ship lock is also discussed
  2. Time domain approach for computing the mooring force of a mooring system subject to wind , waves and currents
  3. The influential factors of a ship on the ship ' s mooring force mainly includes ship ' s tonnage , ship ' s carrying quantity , and ship type
  4. In this paper , the influence of ship ' s tonnage , ship ' s carrying quantity and ship type on the ship ' s mooring force is studies through model experiments
  5. The general changing laws of ship ' s mooring force with the variation of the above - mentioned factors obtained may serve as a reference for engineering designers
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  7. Based on the results of hydraulic model experiment on the second ship lock of tianjin port , this paper analyzes the factors influencing the mooring force in the process of water filling and emptying in ship lock chamber
  8. It is recommended that , in layout design of open sea terminals , we shall not apply the existed standards mechanically , instead , we ' d better carry out careful analysis and calculation for the mooring force and find out the most reasonable mooring angle , so as to determine the mooring arrangement and berth length

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