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  1. Fishermen petitioned Doyle on the basis that they had lost their mooring facilities.
  2. Shire Cruisers run holiday hire canal barges, build narrow boats and provide mooring facilities.
  3. It was near the capital, had good anchoring and mooring facilities and a protective harbor.
  4. There are two marinas which offer private mooring facilities.
  5. The yacht mooring facility accommodates 199 ships ( water : 136, land : 58 ).
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  7. Although river craft can continue upstream to Howley Weir, there are no landing or mooring facilities.
  8. Kor ula town also has mooring facilities.
  9. Community facilities include a harbour front dining / shopping precinct, deep water mooring facilities and luxury housing.
  10. The marina offers mooring facilities to homeport vessels as well as those navigating Montenegro s waters on a temporary vignette.
  11. Early plans to develop the island as a nature area, with groomed trails, mooring facilities and shelters, stalled for lack of funds.
  12. There are ten transient slips, several stalls, and finger dock, star dock, and other mooring facilities where boats and yachts can be kept.
  13. In 2002, additional agreements were signed with Indian Oil Corporation Limited to set up a single-point mooring facility and handle crude oil at Mundra.
  14. The venture, Murphy said, would invest up to $ 2 million for mooring facilities and " will create a fair bit of employment ."
  15. The Lake Purrumbete Caravan Park has cabins, ice, public toilets, mooring facilities, jetties, fish cleaning facilities, day parking and a dual lane concrete boat ramp.
  16. The area, formerly used for commercial ships, offers 375 berths and the basin is deep enough to provide mooring facilities for tall ships and large yachts.
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