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  1. For example, male moorhens provide the bulk of baby bird care.
  2. Common moorhens and striated herons also breed on the island.
  3. It is a habitat for whooper swans, moorhens and little grebes.
  4. The common moorhen in particular flightlessness in island populations.
  5. Birds include mallard, Pacific reef heron, common moorhen and cattle egret.
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  7. The higher vegetated areas of the lake support moorhens, coots and jacanas.
  8. If moorhens had prisons, we speculate that all the inmates would be female.
  9. Other moorhens have been described from older remains.
  10. Marsh-nesting birds include reed bunting, moorhen, coot and reed warbler.
  11. Examples of these birds are shovelers, mallards, firetails, moorhens and scrubwrens.
  12. Bird species sighted at the park may include kingfisher, grey heron and moorhen.
  13. This species is parasitised by the moorhen flea, " Dasypsyllus gallinulae ".
  14. Moorhens and coots regularly nest here and other visitors include herons, kingfishers and warblers.
  15. Waterfowl such as Ducks, Moorhens thrive in gardens and parks with access to water.
  16. The common moorhen lives around well-vegetated marshes, ponds, canals and other wetlands.
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