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  1. However, " Salvor " towed ex-MK 5 Marine Mammal operations, and recovery of moored mines.
  2. This mine is mainly for riverine and coastal use and can also be used as part of the moored mine system.
  3. Three kinds of mines, processor based mine, moored mine and processor based exercise mine are in production for the Navy.
  4. Mechanical sweeps are devices designed to cut the anchoring cables of moored mines, and preferably attach a tag to help the subsequent localization and neutralization.
  5. The ASW equipment ( SONAR and LAPADS equipment ) normally fitted had been removed and prototype equipment designed to detect shallow moored mines was fitted instead.
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  7. Also in 1970, Fengxi Machinery Factory and Engineering Technology Equipment Research Institute begun to jointly develop a riverine moored mine that can be remotely controlled fuse.
  8. While patrolling upriver 7 July, she encountered and successfully swept two Confederate moored mines, among the first of their kind used in the Civil War.
  9. Anti-submarine nets were laid in North Bay, and eight lines of moored mines and a control centre on land protected the entrance of Saldanha Bay.
  10. The ALMDS is a sensor system designed to detect, classify, and localize floating and near-surface moored mines in littoral zones, straits, and choke points.
  11. The first three types of naval mines entered the Chinese service are all moored mines equipped with contact fuses, and all of them are developed by the Fengxi Machinery Factory.
  12. The first of these, Moored-1 ( Mao-1 ), a large sized moored mine entered mass production in 1962 after being tested multiple times and evaluated by the navy.
  13. On 13 June, two days after the fall, the Indian trawler " Parvati " became the last naval casualty of the East African Campaign when it struck a moored mine near Assab.
  14. The ATK / Raytheon ROV is a similar system, but has a tether cable, and also carries cable cutters for dealing with tethered or moored mines, and explosive charges to detonate the mines.
  15. The 12th, 13th and 14th Minesweeping Flotillas from Malta, two groups of minesweeping trawlers and smaller vessels cleared a channel through the minefields of the Sicilian Channel to Tripoli, removing nearly 200 moored mines.
  16. The more sophisticated influence mines had apparently been utilised in a defensive pattern off Buenos Aires, in case of a British attack on the mainland, and very simple contact moored mines were laid in the Falklands.
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