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  1. The Cardiac Assessment Unit includes echocardiographic, exercise ECG and holter monitoring facilities.
  2. The monitoring facility of Gnutella reveals an abundance of precious information on its users.
  3. A NATO monitoring facility observes the return of clone of himself whom he calls Mini-Me.
  4. Both Congress and the BJP had 24-hour monitoring facilities to watch and record television programmes.
  5. In 1961, radio, and electric monitoring facilities were constructed.
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  7. It has ( at the least ) monitoring facilities, a graphics generator and a display driver.
  8. Both France and Britain already are providing monitoring facilities aimed at verifying adherence to the treaty.
  9. Ten times every second, the sensors relay their position to a computer at a central monitoring facility.
  10. The complementary list presents essential medicines for priority diseases, for which specialized diagnostic or monitoring facilities are needed.
  11. It is important to ensure the use of monitoring facilities does not violate the privacy rights of employees.
  12. While some systems require manual remote activation of the siren from the central monitoring facility, others work automatically.
  13. In 1970 a new expanded communications monitoring facility was constructed for Communications Command, replacing Naval Radio Station Gander in 1971.
  14. The island retains a role in space exploration : the European Space Agency now operates an Ariane monitoring facility there.
  15. The general tone of the agreements was one of keeping the British sovereign bases and military and monitoring facilities intact.
  16. For the hosted projects, Gna ! provides source code version control ( SVN ), a download space, project monitoring facilities, etc.
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