monitoring equipment in a sentence

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  1. Underground air monitoring equipment was out of commission after the truck fire.
  2. Chronic care aims to maintain wellness by keeping symptoms in monitoring equipment.
  3. Unocal agreed to buy new monitoring equipment to help prevent future releases.
  4. But seated at the desks was vapor-monitoring equipment rather than humans.
  5. They don't have monitoring equipment, or gas masks, or enough radios.
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  7. Renee enters to Wilson's holding room and shuts down all the monitoring equipment.
  8. Australia wants satellite-monitoring equipment a licensing condition for foreign fishing vessels.
  9. Amtec is a Northern Irish company that makes medical monitoring equipment.
  10. Iraq Thursday denied charges that it tampered with UN monitoring equipment.
  11. Hospitals use emergency power outlets to power life support systems and monitoring equipment.
  12. He carried his sophisticated monitoring equipment in a shoulder case.
  13. Reliable home-monitoring equipment is now inexpensive enough to justify the approach, its advocates say.
  14. The station, Project Magnet, was equipped with radio monitoring equipment, Geiger counters and cameras.
  15. It has about 60 percent of the market for medical monitoring equipment, analysts said.
  16. Besides Power Ranger toys, the company sells small electric motors and telecommunications monitoring equipment.
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