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  1. Used in conjunction with monitoring data on deformation, correlative monitoring gains great efficiency.
  2. The plan focuses on monitoring data flowing over government and national computer networks.
  3. Fundamental space weather monitoring data are provided by ground-based magnetometers and magnetic observatories.
  4. MCERTS Provides the only available accreditation specifically for Environmental monitoring data management systems.
  5. Real time monitoring data from continuous monitors are typically available as 1-hour averages.
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  7. The monitoring data reported this week is part of that effort.
  8. Monitoring data is transmitted to EPA daily via telecommunications systems.
  9. The site relies on groundwater monitoring data from public documents.
  10. The monitoring data confirm that there has been no significant effect on the environment.
  11. The SWMD currently ( 2013 ) evaluates environmental monitoring data for one closed landfill.
  12. Historical air monitoring data including AQI charts and maps are available at EPA's AirData website.
  13. Scientists use RadNet air monitoring data to help estimate the potential radiation dose to humans.
  14. Monitoring data is collected by the sensor and is wirelessly transferred to the cell phone.
  15. "WebRegMT " is a monitoring tool for monitoring data from the online European Patent Register.
  16. Furthermore, there is a large body of unknown information due to the absence of monitoring data.
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