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  1. An emphasis on savings and monitoring costs was a critical internal component.
  2. By reducing monitoring costs, they allow for forms of contracting that were previously unavailable.
  3. The monitoring costs $ 65 a month, but she says it is worth it.
  4. Understanding and monitoring costs are another set of crucial factors that make a difference.
  5. Monitoring costs are sharply lower these days because of the availability of low-cost computer networking.
  6. It's difficult to find monitoring costs in a sentence.
  7. Hermida noted that monitoring costs and sleep disturbances caused by the equipment may limit its use.
  8. Accreditation is introduced with minimal compliance costs to the industry and modest increased monitoring costs for Government.
  9. It is believed that site monitoring costs account for about 20 % of the clinical trial budget.
  10. The report recommended that the FAA come up with a defined system for estimating and monitoring costs.
  11. Richard credits Susan with monitoring costs.
  12. The company is also closely monitoring costs related to adding customers in an effort to decrease costs further.
  13. In addition to the $ 16 million proposed by the State Department, the Pentagon pays for some international monitoring costs.
  14. Adopting RBM may reduce site monitoring costs by 25 % . thus reducing overall cost and risk on clinical trials.
  15. Additionally, lenders may incur a monitoring cost regarding the productive uses to which the borrowers have put the borrowed funds.
  16. The proceeds are to go only for humanitarian aid, war reparations to Kuwait and U . N . monitoring costs.
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