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  1. They established more than a hundred'monitorial'schools in the region.
  2. The Monitorial System and its variants found favour not just in Britain but also its Empire.
  3. Maeser incorporated the Monitorial System into his teaching philosophies and believed that students should each have responsibilities.
  4. Pillans introduced a version of the Bell Lancaster monitorial system, and his class doubled its numbers.
  5. He became greatly influenced by the ideas of Joseph Lancaster, who invented the monitorial system that bears his name.
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  7. This is a Monitorial System where the teacher teaches the more advanced students who then in turn teach the less advanced.
  8. Girard's application of the monitorial system was opposed by the bishop and the civil authorities of Fribourg in 1823.
  9. "' New York High School "'was the first monitorial system high school in the United States.
  10. In 1798, he founded a free elementary school in Borough Road, Southwark, using a variant of the monitorial system.
  11. The Lancasterian system ( or monitorial system ) used older children who had already been given some education to teach the younger children.
  12. On the other hand, people belonging to the lower economic stratum sent their children to the monitorial schools, which provided a basic education.
  13. CHS also has an Audio Visual Room, being in charged by the board of librarians and a auditorium, managed by the monitorial board.
  14. In the eighteenth century, wealth from the Andrew Bell pioneered the Monitorial System, which developed into the pupil-teacher system of training.
  15. The emphasis is not so much on information gathering as it is on keeping a watchful eye even while the monitorial citizen is doing something else.
  16. Some scholars assert that these new devices enable us to imagine a new form of citizenship ( the " monitorial citizen " ) that hinges on documentary practices.
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