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  1. It is this that gives the ring modulator its unique tones.
  2. Choice of modulator type and configuration architecture is application-dependent.
  3. A positive ago-allosteric modulator increases both efficacy and potency.
  4. The final send step is a tone modulator and output circuit.
  5. Satoh played at the 1971 ring modulator to alter the sound.
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  7. Mul1 has also been implicated as a modulator of antiviral signaling.
  8. The word " modem " stands for modulator-demodulator.
  9. Raloxifene is one known as a SERM for selective estrogen receptor modulator.
  10. The TI-99 / 4A did ship with an RF modulator.
  11. Notable remixers on the Modulator EP included Dave Aude and Tommie Sunshine.
  12. It is also referred to as a spatial light modulator.
  13. Oxiracetam acts also as a positive allosteric modulator of the AMPA receptors.
  14. Built in Hohner Modulator, another invention of Ernst Zacharias.
  15. The ? subunit acts as an important modulator of channel electrophysiological properties.
  16. Methylphenylpiracetam is a positive allosteric modulator of the sigma-1 receptor.
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