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  1. :The real mode address space does not have one standard layout, IBM reserved some memory mapped areas in Upper Memory Area.
  2. One grew up from a designated address in the middle of the address space, and the other grew down from the top of the user mode address space.
  3. Under these real mode operating systems, the BIOS accumulates the number of INT 8 calls that it receives in real mode address 0040 : 006c, which can be read by a program.
  4. I did however find that Intel does " not " use the term PAE for long mode address translation, and I reported that in the talk page discussion, and added that to the article.
  5. This causes problems on more modern DOS systems, where free real-mode address ranges may be utilized by the operating system in order to relocate parts of itself and load drivers high, so that the amount of available conventional memory is maximized.
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  7. Notably, they could create ordinary memory in unused parts of the upper memory area ( UMA ) ( the high 384 kB of real mode address space ) called upper memory blocks ( UMBs ) and provided tools for loading small programs, typically TSRs inside ( " LOADHI " or " LOADHIGH " ).

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