misters in a sentence

"misters" in Chinese  
  1. To help retain freshness, spray the tree with a mister.
  2. I'm not actually Mister Lover-Lover ."
  3. If one quality shines through " Mister Lincoln,"
  4. Consider this " Mister Lincoln " a wasted opportunity.
  5. For the next two weeks, Cotter became their Mister Jimmy.
  6. It's difficult to find misters in a sentence.
  7. Well, this is becoming the prime of Mister Albert Belle.
  8. "Nobody big, mister, " she replies.
  9. For Mister Rogers, the honor will be No . 36.
  10. A Menopause Mister would sell like hot cakes year-round.
  11. He cried Mister, won't you help me please.
  12. "Hello, mister, " called the child.
  13. I call young girls Miss . And men I call Mister.
  14. Mr . stands for Mister, but what about Mrs .?
  15. Mister Rogers at the very least put you on that path.
  16. What could be next, the secret life of Mister Ed?
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