mistakes in a sentence

"mistakes" in Chinese  
  1. While saying the remark was " a mistake,"
  2. I don't make mistakes, " he said.
  3. When a dairy farmer's wife makes a fatal mistake one
  4. The low scores are not ( caused by ) Brazilian mistakes,
  5. But make no mistake, each player will get equal time.
  6. It's difficult to find mistakes in a sentence.
  7. Everyone makes mistakes, but apologies are few and far between.
  8. The scope of such mistakes is a matter of some dispute.
  9. They still do, even after he made a serious mistake.
  10. Cutler said that Nussbaum's advice had been a mistake.
  11. Sitting is a killer-- make no mistake about it.
  12. It's difficult to doubt anything Rose says about mistakes.
  13. But, critics said the desert act is a costly mistake.
  14. "That's the biggest mistake you can make.
  15. "Way too many mistakes, " he said.
  16. Indifferent to the mistake, the clock kept ticking to zero.
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