mistakes at work in a sentence

"mistakes at work" in Chinese  
  1. He had made a couple of mistakes at work that aren't typical.
  2. Meanwhile, Murray has unfairly made Greg the scapegoat for a mistake at work.
  3. However, it is Weiyun who gets Kangli out of trouble when she keeps making mistakes at work.
  4. However, Jimmy makes a mistake at work one day and pushes the blame on to Ella to save himself.
  5. You've made a mistake at work _ but there's no reason you need to make the same mistake twice.
  6. It's difficult to find mistakes at work in a sentence.
  7. But if you've ever made a mistake at work _ and we all have _ this will help to put it in perspective.
  8. And it is not only medical interns and truck drivers doing double shifts who can suffer from serious mistakes at work because of it.
  9. The poll reported that half of all employed Americans say sleepiness affects their productivity, and that 19 percent admit making occasional or frequent mistakes at work.
  10. New research suggests that in many cases it stems from a positive, socially protective instinct-- to keep peace at home, avoid costly mistakes at work, even preserve some self-respect.

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