mistakenly in a sentence

"mistakenly" meaning  "mistakenly" in Chinese  
  1. It was mistakenly sent with a Star-Telegram credit line.
  2. Early in the movie, Dredd mistakenly arrests and sentences Fergie.
  3. The department mistakenly overstated stockpiles of soybeans by 22 million bushels.
  4. Many mistakenly saw this as proof that Golota was something special.
  5. They mistakenly believe that the United States is a Christian nation.
  6. It's difficult to find mistakenly in a sentence.
  7. Schumer mistakenly identified Rep . Richard Durbin as being from Idaho.
  8. That interpretation was mistakenly inferred by a contributor to the magazine.
  9. Others mistakenly believed they had more pressing health problems to address.
  10. The computerized equipment mistakenly assumed the cards had expired in 1900.
  11. Others mistakenly think that youth is a protection from hearing loss.
  12. The cops mistakenly thought the plaintiffs'car had been stolen.
  13. It's mistakenly been called Coldfeet, Clayfeet and Coldplate.
  14. Some of his underlings mistakenly think he's a Quaker.
  15. The War Department mistakenly telegrammed his parents that he was dead.
  16. Martin Burnham was mistakenly shot by the soLdiurs during the rescue.
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