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  1. The Missus takes one look at Babe and thinks Christmas dinner!
  2. He and the missus will be off on a Caribbean vacation.
  3. The missus wants him to get a job doing anything else.
  4. Garsh, Missus Tucker, geethanxlots fr'inviting me.
  5. Santa said to the missus, whipping out his sunglasses.
  6. It's difficult to find missus in a sentence.
  7. I can't imagine being anyone else's missus !"
  8. He was originally a " missus dominicus " in Swabia.
  9. Sometimes, can't-misses end up playing like the missus.
  10. The missus was filthy, there was blood everywhere.
  11. Now, Hibbert is back as a missus.
  12. And that's when our hero's missus bites the big one.
  13. Its about some city councillor, who happens to have tupped a colleagues missus.
  14. Do you think the missus had to lead him to the airport kicking and screaming?
  15. Next, the missus was finding it awkward to deal with so many logical drives.
  16. Dennis Haysbert ), senses the missus'discomfort, and offers an understanding ear.
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