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  1. The overpayments result from errors by caseworkers or misstatements by applicants.
  2. Many leading scientists are disturbed by the book's scientific misstatements.
  3. Agars said the ATP accepted responsibility for the initial misstatement.
  4. Bond also said Nixon's campaign has been riddled with misstatements.
  5. Myhrvold repeatedly acknowledged that he made misstatements in e-mail memos.
  6. It's difficult to find misstatement in a sentence.
  7. A : That's a bit of a misstatement.
  8. Bush said Gore's misstatements should matter to voters.
  9. These misstatements are central to the Court's order.
  10. Much of that misstatement came from free samples counted as paid circulation.
  11. The misstatement of the law goes beyond a few bad poll workers.
  12. So what did the company do to correct the misstatement?
  13. That issue led Bush to a misstatement he repeated twice.
  14. To say that she was calm about it would be a misstatement.
  15. But the disclosure of additional circulation misstatements shadowed the report.
  16. Additional misstatements became part of some versions of the legend.
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