misstate in a sentence

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  1. The article also misstated the location of Portage County, Ohio.
  2. The governor's news release misstates the facts ."
  3. Friday, Eckels said, " I misstated ."
  4. The article also misstated the timing of Pipeline's acquisition.
  5. A Boston Globe article misstated the name of the Omaha newspaper.
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  7. The article also misstated the circulation of The Democrat-Reporter.
  8. They misstated the timing of the shots that killed the president.
  9. The article also misstated the background of Labor Secretary Alexis Herman.
  10. The article also misstated a Federal Aviation Administration requirement for pilots.
  11. The chart also misstated the amount of oil produced in Alaska.
  12. The Bill Bradley campaign asserts that Gore is misstating the facts.
  13. The article also misstated the deadline for party enrollment in California.
  14. The article also misstated Congo's size ranking in Africa.
  15. The date was also misstated in an article on April 22.
  16. The article also misstated the size of the island of Ebeye.
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