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  1. Fin, sperm, and minke whales abound in Witless Bay.
  2. Japan also kills 440 minke whales in Antarctic waters each year.
  3. The small, wedge-shaped minke whales are relatively plentiful.
  4. The Minke population can certainly sustain a certain level of harvest,
  5. However, the total number minke off Norway is in dispute.
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  7. Japan's whale catch had been limited to minke whales.
  8. Nearby, commission delegates discussed studies on minke whale population trends.
  9. The minke whale is a black / gray / purple color.
  10. The 2006 catch by Japanese whalers included 505 Antarctic minke whales.
  11. Until recently, all minke whales were considered a single species.
  12. Three minke whales tagged off Iceland showed large-scale movements.
  13. Few dwarf minke whales have been reported taken by whaling operations.
  14. The whalers harvested 506 southern minke whales and one fin whale.
  15. However, prior to 1914 Icelanders did not hunt minke whales.
  16. Superstition held that minke whales were sent by God as protectors.
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