mink farm in a sentence

  1. Fish offal is used as feed at mink farms.
  2. He was later apprenticed to a pirate and also briefly managed a mink farm.
  3. Hilltown is known to have many successful mink farms and various other smaller farms.
  4. Activists marched on BIBRA labs in southwest London and at Windmill mink farm in Dorset.
  5. Tension fairly crackles here in Utah, the state with the largest number of mink farms.
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  7. This farm also experienced rapid growth and became the biggest mink farm in the world by 1962.
  8. The group has set minks free from mink farms, only to see them run over by cars.
  9. He said members target mink farms to give the animals " a chance of freedom ."
  10. During this brief interim, David decides to invest in a mink farm at the persuasion of Dan Dibble.
  11. Mink pelts from several mink farms in the area were transferred by canoe and dogsled to the railway siding.
  12. In 2015, animal rights organization Stichting Animal rights released undercover footage of mink farm employees violently throwing animals.
  13. A farm may operate under a monoculture system or with a variety of cereal or poultry farm or mink farm.
  14. The Leo Group was founded in the 1970s by Margaret and Leo Sawrij and was originally named Swalesmoor Mink Farm.
  15. The first mink farm in Norway was built in 1927, with escapees establishing wild populations within 30 years of its establishment.
  16. Animal rights activists broke into a mink farm in eastern France and released 1, 000 animals from their cages, police said.
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