mink deville in a sentence

  1. This was Mink DeVille near their zenith as a recording unit.
  2. Mink DeVille toured the United States in 1978 with Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe.
  3. Maybe they would play some Mink DeVille covers.
  4. Mink DeVille played its last concert on February 20, 1986 in New York City.
  5. Consequently, Mink DeVille played its last concert on February 20, 1986 in New York City.
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  7. The albums Mink DeVille recorded for Atlantic sold well in Europe but not in the United States.
  8. Leonard also appeared on Mink DeVille's 1979 album " Return to Magenta ".
  9. In 1979, he traveled across the Atlantic to become a guitarist for the band Mink DeVille.
  10. DeVille recorded another version of  Across the Borderline with The Mink DeVille Band for a music video.
  11. This guy's got taste !'" Wrote Ben Edmonds, who paired Nitzsche with Mink DeVille:
  12. Mink DeVille's last album, " Billboard " called " a major restructuring of his career ".
  13. Other bands were becoming regulars at CBGB, such as Mink DeVille and Talking Heads, which moved down from Rhode Island.
  14. Mink DeVille play out the show with'Just You and Me'( credits start rolling before the track finishes ).
  15. Their 1957 Savoy Records single " The Escorts, Mink DeVille, Ringo Starr, Buster Poindexter ( a . k . a.
  16. Mink DeVille as a rock group had effectively ceased to exist as a band; only lead singer Willy DeVille remained from the original band.
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