mink coats in a sentence

"mink coats" in Chinese  
  1. Barnes said a very flamboyant client wanted a bulletproof mink coat.
  2. It's not your mother's mink coat anymore.
  3. She wore a mink coat dyed royal blue to ball games.
  4. Many women arrived in mink coats over their stylish evening wear.
  5. One fresh touch : the laser-cut red mink coat.
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  7. The Blackgama mink coats ad campaign had just made it official.
  8. You see Michael Irvin show up in court in a mink coat.
  9. Knee-length mink coats were cut to Bigfoot proportions.
  10. He took off his mink coat and put it on the floor.
  11. Bring her tea, and quick, fetch her my mink coat.
  12. But he was wearing a white, full-length mink coat.
  13. White mink coats had mirror sequin sparkles around the shoulder.
  14. Bess Myerson modeled the mink coat and escorted the contestants on stage.
  15. "I didn't need the ermine or the mink coats.
  16. Visions of that mink coat danced in her brain.
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