mink coat in a sentence

"mink coat" meaning  "mink coat" in Chinese  
  1. A horizontally-cut white belted mink coat vied with nutria coats for attention.
  2. They're wearing mink coats, chinchilla hats, fox scarves tipped with little tails.
  3. The next year, however, my grandfather bought his wife a mink coat.
  4. He took off his mink coat and put it on the floor.
  5. Bess Myerson modeled the mink coat and escorted the contestants on stage.
  6. It's difficult to find mink coat in a sentence.
  7. You see Michael Irvin show up in court in a mink coat.
  8. Automobiles, baseball, mink coats, childhood sweethearts, the timely contributions of immigrants : America!
  9. Thick cashmere cardigans are Valvo's suggested replacement for a mink coat.
  10. She wore a mink coat dyed royal blue to ball games.
  11. Barnes said a very flamboyant client wanted a bulletproof mink coat.
  12. The Blackgama mink coats ad campaign had just made it official.
  13. Many women arrived in mink coats over their stylish evening wear.
  14. It was a friend bringing by a three-quarter-length tea-colored mink coat.
  15. For $ 3, 000, she can buy a magnificent mink coat.
  16. We're talking about Barry Switzer and fleets of limos and full-length mink coats.
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