mink building in a sentence

  1. This largely consisted of the decorative brick patterns found on the fa鏰de of the Mink Building.
  2. All this is evidence that the Mink Building was meant to draw the attention of visitors.
  3. The Mink Building has undergone multiple transformations in use, although not form, over the last century.
  4. The Mink Building is currently playing an important role in efforts to revitalize business and commerce in Harlem.
  5. Since the time of the Bernheimer & Schwartz brewery, the Mink Building has undergone changes in use.
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  7. The Mink Building was built in 1905 as the main building for the Bernheimer and Schwartz Pilsener Brewing Company.
  8. One thing to notice about the Mink Building is that it still stands out among its surrounding, similarly styled neighbors.
  9. The Mink Building has five high-ceilinged floors to accommodate the machinery needed for brewing; this neighbor has six lower ones.
  10. Oberlein started his own practice sometime after he was commissioned to design the Bernheimer & Schwartz Pilsener Brewing Company ( the Mink Building ).
  11. The Mink Building was originally built to house and represent one company; it makes sense that the style of the fa鏰de offers a united front to the street.
  12. The design of the Mink Building was extremely practical; from the floor heights, which were strictly necessary, to the fa鏰de, which achieves the purpose of advertising for the company.
  13. The "'Mink Building "', located at 1361 Amsterdam Avenue between 126th and 128th Streets, is a five-story red brick structure in the Harlem / Manhattanville neighborhood of New York City.
  14. A review of the Mink building, as well as the stock house in mid-town, shows that Oberlein was skilled in the German-American style of building, perhaps contributing to his popularity with brewers.
  15. Its owner, the Janus Property Company, hopes that the Mink Building will play a part to bring more business back to the Manhattanville area and spur a revival of Harlem as a place for new and small businesses to thrive.
  16. The specific site of the Mink Building is between West 126th and West 128th Streets on Amsterdam Avenue, just one block away from the main commercial corridor of 125th Street . 125th Street, which is a low point in the geography of the neighborhood, linked the village of Manhattanville to the village of Harlem, before the two became one larger neighborhood in the twentieth century.
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