milling about in a sentence

"milling about" in Chinese  
  1. Inside, assistants are milling about, contemplating the packing job.
  2. A dozen sheep milling about the barn are kept for wool.
  3. He spoke of people milling about at the airport, apparently aimlessly.
  4. Others show the contestants milling about the more photogenic places in town.
  5. About 60 or 70 Iraqis were milling about outside the restricted area.
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  7. About 20 parishioners milling about the entrance clapped as the couple arrived.
  8. He started to incite the mob that was milling about the jail.
  9. Duke was milling about at a reception for Buchanan.
  10. About 500 tourists were milling about, pick up pvs
  11. Outside in the chilling wet night, residents milling about reluctantly agreed with her.
  12. But some lingered, milling about, trying to find out what was happening.
  13. The press and the public were milling about the crowded foyer, sensing trouble.
  14. Inside, about 40 students are milling about.
  15. The battle begins with 5 relaxed French Foreign Legionnaires milling about at their campsite.
  16. The young women milling about the corridor are anxious and check each other out furtively.
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