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  1. Trish Millines of Seattle knows a thing or two about the problems and challenges.
  2. Milline, for example, said several of the men tried to pick up women.
  3. Grace Milline said the men tried to strike up conversations in broken English with her every day.
  4. Milline said she never took the men up on their date offers because they seemed to be watching her.
  5. Millines retired from Microsoft in 1996 as a software developer to devote her dollars and time to teaching computer literacy in inner city Seattle.
  6. It's difficult to find millines in a sentence.
  7. Trish Millines Dziko, who also lives on the West Coast, quit Microsoft after eight years and founded an organization devoted to teaching African-Americans about computers.
  8. "They had their door open all the time, " said Grace Milline, who lives across the street from the apartment Al-Shehhi may have occupied.
  9. A . J . Jenkins was a favorite target for Scheelhaase, grabbing 11 receptions for 148 yards and 1 TD . Darius Millines also hauled in a TD and finished with 119 yards on 5 receptions.
  10. Anne Clark, 14, of Huntington, West Virginia placed second ( falling on " milline " which she spelled as " milign " ), followed by 14-year old Milene Henley of Houston, Texas in third.
  11. "We've been lucky _ we've been really lucky, " said Trish Millines, a 39-year-old Microsoft retiree who has just created a foundation to help train minority children in computers.
  12. Then there is a passel of less prominent figures _ those beginning their own ventures, like Ms . Millines, whose Technology Access Foundation will train children and teen-agers on computers, and others joining nonprofit boards and writing checks.
  13. The Illini got the ball to start the second half and had a chance to put the game almost out of reach but Badger linebacker Chris Borland hit Illini wide receiver Darius Millines forcing a fumble that was recovered by Badger linebacker Mike Taylor.
  14. The words Reinke correctly spelled in the contest were : lily, icy, leisurely, applique, acetate, albino, episcopacy, domiciliary, quisling, cornice, calibrate, antimacassar, hawse, eponym, athodyd, demurrage, encephalitis, mantelletta, cosset, fleche, pogrom, milline, and chihuahua.

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