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  1. Her initial business in Nowata was the town's first millinery store.
  2. This building housed the first dry-goods millinery store in Burlington.
  3. In the 1950s, she owned a millinery store, James Joel, in New York City.
  4. At the time, Pedigo operated a dry goods, clothing and millinery store on Princeton Avenue.
  5. Two other private millinery stores were opened, one which became a regular was called Ladies Ready-to-Wear.
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  7. James'wife Lottie took over his business after his death in 1909, as well as running a millinery store she had opened in 1906.
  8. They turned the upstairs into settings from the old days : a Chinese herbalist's shop, a millinery store, a dress shop, a toy store.
  9. Laconia at one time boasted three general stores, one on each corner of the town square, three hotels, several millinery stores, two doctors, a funeral parlor, and a saloon.
  10. However, by 1912 she had sold her Gaylord business, opened a new millinery store in Detroit, and moved to that city, although she continued to manage the Quick businesses in Gaylord.
  11. It generated income and provided around 700 jobs by its numerous enterprises : three grocery stores, two restaurants, a laundry, a tailor shop, a dressmaking shop, a millinery store, a printing company and doll factory.
  12. During the history of Palmer, there have been hardware stores, millinery stores, restaurants, lumber yards, harness shops, grocery stores, drug stores, shoe shops, butcher shops, elevators, blacksmith shops, saloons, hotels, pool halls, livery stables, bakeries, garages, post offices, and barber shops.

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