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  1. Val Verde is about 41 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.
  2. A few miles away, a road crew dug drainage ditches.
  3. Kigali is 80 miles north of the new French base here.
  4. Continental's revenue passenger miles dropped 6.2 percent.
  5. At this particular moment, peace seemed millions of miles away.
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  7. The newest tribal casino is about 8 miles east of Anacortes.
  8. Personally, I wish it would blow 40 miles an hour.
  9. With 18 kilometers ( 11 miles ) remaining, Stephens attacked.
  10. Can the great gray colt run a mile and a quarter?
  11. The working figure for the new plan is roughly 600 miles.
  12. The size of each zone is limited to two square miles.
  13. If you gave him an inch, he took a mile.
  14. Navy SeaBees built six runways, each nearly two miles long.
  15. It brings in both television and radio broadcasts within 130 miles.
  16. Traffic heading for the Tappan Zee Bridge backed up for miles.
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