microscope in a sentence

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  1. Gowda lifted him up to the microscope and let him look.
  2. "He's not under a microscope,"
  3. Look at it through a magnifying glass and through a microscope.
  4. The office has been under a microscope with the Simpson case.
  5. It's sort of like putting comedy under a microscope.
  6. It's difficult to find microscope in a sentence.
  7. You have to use electron microscopes, " said Wainerdi.
  8. Everything in my life is out publicly, under a microscope.
  9. I was criticized, focused on, put under a microscope.
  10. He should know that everything he does is under a microscope.
  11. You ( could ) put any consumer product under a microscope.
  12. You're under the microscope all the time ."
  13. You can put aquaculture under a microscope and see its problems,
  14. Jewell can thank John Douglas for putting him under the microscope.
  15. "You're under the microscope now,"
  16. Big 12 referees scrutinize Jason's play with a microscope.
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