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  1. Reacting to his party's defeat, Social Democrat candidate Michael Ausserwinkler resigned.
  2. Reacting to his party's defeat, Michael Ausserwinkler the Social Democrats'candidate, resigned.
  3. "Some IOC members think we have very long distances, " says bid leader Michael Ausserwinkler.
  4. Michael Ausserwinkler, the Social Democratic leader in the southern Carinthia province, said Monday Klima was planning a major overhaul of party members in the coalition Cabinet.
  5. Michael Ausserwinkler, the Social Democratic leader, resigned before final results were known, and outgoing conservative Gov . Christof Zernatto said he would not seek the job again.
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  7. The negative reactions from Zernatto and Michael Ausserwinkler, the Socialist Democratic leader, suggested that if Haider's party finishes first as expected, his chances to become governor of Carinthia remain intact.
  8. Haider also made clear he was " the only one " left of the three contenders for governorship because Michael Ausserwinkler, the leader of the Social Democrats immediately resigned, and incumbent conservative governor Christof Zernatto said he would not claim that office again.

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