michael argyle in a sentence

  1. Michael Argyle ( psychologist ) for example wrote The Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour.
  2. Michael Argyle, a psychologist at Oxford University, has found some common threads.
  3. Their founders included Margaret Masterman, Richard Braithwaite, Dorothy Emmet, Robert H . Thouless, Michael Argyle and Ted Bastin.
  4. The issue depicted Rupert Bear sporting a penis ( 1971 ) and led to the conviction of Neville, Judge Michael Argyle, who was presiding over the case.
  5. The project was welcomed Wednesday by Michael Argyle, a lecturer in social psychology and behavioral sciences at the University of Oxford, who said it was important to understand the effects of humor.
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  7. A member of Wolfson College, Oxford, McCulloh conducted research under the supervision of British social psychologist Michael Argyle, D . Sc ., and his academic advisor was experimental psychologist Donald E . Broadbent.
  8. She observes the strange auto mechanic Frederick Michael Argyle ( Peter McNamara ) and examines his belongings, which include a scrapbook containing news clippings that detail accusations of child abuse at a local orphanage, that were ignored by the townspeople.
  9. In one key respect it was a virtual re-run of the second Australian trial the judicial instruction was clearly aimed at securing a conviction, and like Gerald Locke in Sydney, the judge hearing the London case, Justice Michael Argyle, exhibited clear signs of bias against the defendants.
  10. It concerns the six-week trial in June and July 1971 trial in which the editors of the British underground magazine " Judge Michael Argyle, Nigel Hawthorne as Brian Leary, Simon Callow as John Mortimer, Alfred Molina as George Melly, Lee Cornes as Marty Feldman, and Nigel Planer as John Peel.
  11. At the conclusion of the trial the " OZ Three " were found not guilty on the conspiracy charge, but they were convicted of two lesser offences and sentenced to imprisonment; although Dennis was given a lesser sentence because the judge, Justice Michael Argyle, considered that Dennis was " very much less intelligent " than the others.

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