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  1. Michael Angelo's ( 12 ounces, $ 2.99 at Andronico's ) came in third.
  2. His son Michael Angelo Rooker was a notable artist and engraver.
  3. In 1995, Michael Angelo Batio of No Boundaries " which began his solo career.
  4. Michael Angelo's ( 12 ounces, $ 2 . 99 at Andronico's ) came in third.
  5. Michael Angelo Hill, 45, shot the women several times with a pistol, said police spokesman Don Aaron.
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  7. Furthermore, Michael Angelo possesses extensive teaching experience.
  8. He has also shared the stage with notable guitarists such as Joe Satriani and Michael Angelo Batio.
  9. Restaurants include En Lai, a Chinese restaurant; Salsa's Mexican Restaurant; Michael Angelo's Pizza; and Jolene's Cozy Cafe.
  10. In 2003, " Guitar One Magazine " voted Michael Angelo Batio the fastest shredder of all time.
  11. At a beach party, he met guitar virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio and they soon formed the band Nitro.
  12. His " Michael Angelo Buonarotti " ( London, Duckworth, 1903 ) is a scholarly work of real value.
  13. He took along his 15-year-old son, Michael Angelo, a determined young artist who copied his father's paintings in admiration.
  14. The ring leader, " Doctor Wu, " was named in an indictment unsealed Friday as Baron Michael Angelo Suarez-Rothschild.
  15. Saadiq recorded the album with producers Michael Angelo, Focus . . ., and Jake and the Phatman, among others.
  16. Michael Angelo Batio has called him " one of the best guitarists in this new generation of players ".
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