michael additions in a sentence

  1. Maleimides will selectively attach to cysteine using a covalent Michael addition.
  2. In effect, Hofmann elimination is a retro-Michael addition chemical process.
  3. It is the combination of the Michael Addition and the Aldol Condensation reaction.
  4. This reaction is known as a Michael addition.
  5. As for carbon compounds, catalysed Michael additions and aldol reactions can be used.
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  7. The Michael-aldol sequence involves a Michael addition reaction and an aldol condensation.
  8. In addition, activated acetylenes can be added to electrophiles following a Michael addition.
  9. It is employed to catalyze Michael additions.
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  11. The Michael addition is an important tandem sequence of Michael and aldol additions is the Robinson annulation.
  12. Isophorone may be formed under the same conditions of mesityl oxide production, by a Michael addition.
  13. Ethyl acrylate reacts with amines catalyzed by Lewis bases in a Michael addition to ?-alanine derivatives in high yields:
  14. Michael additions are another very important industrial method for creating new carbon-carbon bonds, often with particular functional groups attached.
  15. The catalysts have been used in Diels-Alder reactions, Michael additions, Friedel-Crafts alkylations, transfer hydrogenations and epoxidations.
  16. Glycals may also be converted into amino sugars by nitration followed by treatment with thiophenol ( Michael addition ) to furnish a thioglycoside donor.
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