michael addison in a sentence

  1. More felicitous is Michael Addison's production of " Pericles ."
  2. Director Michael Addison mines the humorous situations in " Pericles " to good effect.
  3. Born in Boston on March 19, 1980, Michael Addison was abandoned by his biological father, Michael Wilson.
  4. Dakin Matthews was Artistic Director from 1983 1987, with Michael Addison taking over as A . D . in 1987 and holding the position till 1995.
  5. There were, according to the defense filing, serious prenatal and peri-natal complications of Kiser's pregnancy with Michael Addison resulting in impaired brain function.
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  7. "Being in a co-op is harder than being employed, " said Michael Addison, 36, a bespectacled Oakland resident pouring eggs, flour and butter into a giant mixer at Arizmendi.
  8. "' Michael Addison Stewart "'( September 18, 1943  October 11, 2007 ), who performed and recorded as "'Backwards Sam Firk "', was an American country blues singer, fingerstyle guitarist, songwriter, and record collector.

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