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  1. ISBN 0299283542 . by Michael Adas.
  2. Michael Adas of Rutgers University reviewed the book for the Summer 2000 issue of the Journal of Social History.
  3. In addition, Michael Adas is a member of the Association for Asian Studies and the American Association of History Professors.
  4. In 1996, Michael Adas received dual honors and was promoted to Rutgers University Board of Governors'Professor and received the Abraham E . Voorhees Chair in History.
  5. "' Michael Adas "'( born 4 February 1943 in Detroit, Michigan ) is an American historian and currently the Abraham E . Voorhees Professor of History at Rutgers University.
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  7. 2 . " while Michael Adas says that in Burma the Palli were " socially better off " than the untouchable castes but were " economically equally exploited and deprived " . [ 2 ]"
  8. The recipients have been Raymond Aron, Lord Kenneth Clark, Sir Ralf Dahrendorf, Natalie Zemon Davis, Albert Hirschman, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr ., Barbara Ward, Lady Jackson, Sir Brian Urquhart, Michael Adas, Christopher Bayly, and J黵gen Osterhammel.
  9. According to Michael Adas, Ian Brown, and other economic historians of Burma, Burma's pre-colonial economy in Burma was essentially a subsistence economy, with the majority of the population involved in rice production and other forms of agriculture.
  10. To illustrate how powerfully railroads seized the public's imagination, he quotes the economic historian Michael Adas : " But words do not convey the Victorian's exhilaration at the power of the railroad as wonderfully as J . M . W . Turner's ` Rain, Steam and Speed,'which was painted in 1844 at the height of the British railway mania.

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