michael adams in a sentence

  1. Michael Adams of Spartanburg died in a training exercise in Baghdad.
  2. He beat Michael Adams of England in the semi-finals.
  3. Russian grandmaster Peter Svidler ousted second seed Michael Adams of England.
  4. Evgeny Bareev of Russia sacrificed a piece against Englishman Michael Adams.
  5. I am Michael Adams, a contributor to Wikipedia since 2004.
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  7. Last week Michael Adam Carneal pleaded guilty but mentally ill.
  8. Michael Adams didn't treat him kindly, but history will.
  9. Britain's Michael Adams defeated Viswanathan Anand of India.
  10. Among these was Michael Adams, an American graphic designer and writer.
  11. The NBA record is 79 by another former BC guard, Michael Adams.
  12. Michael Adams had the previous record of 79 straight.
  13. Among the free agents available are the journeymen Michael Adams and Spud Webb.
  14. Michael Adams had a 10-year NBA career.
  15. Dooley had the support of Georgia president Michael Adams.
  16. But UGA President Michael Adams said the school would take appropriate disciplinary action.
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