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  1. Micha barks, " but few buy it ."
  2. The new ruler of Khium had sons, Kancha and Micha.
  3. From Micha, a dynasty of seven rajas commenced in Nuwakot.
  4. In 1989, Micha Ram became Commander of the Israeli Navy.
  5. Industry Minister Micha Harish also called for a drastic interest rate reduction.
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  7. Deputy Education Minister Micha Goldman told reporters after testifying before the commission.
  8. Micha scored the 3rd goal and assisted another one in that game.
  9. Israeli Minister of Industry and Trade Micha Harish said.
  10. Rabbi Micha Odenheimer of Jerusalem has a better idea.
  11. On a lighter note are the contributions of Micha Kirshner and Philip Rantzer.
  12. Industry Minister Micha Harish said he expected the closure would soon be eased.
  13. Ofakim Mayor Micha Herman presented Li Lanqing with a key to the city.
  14. Micha Fields ) is a moshav in central Israel.
  15. Micha Bar-Ilan, who was questioned by police, told Israel TV.
  16. Judge Micha Lindenstraus said that the assault on the reporter harmed freedom of speech.
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