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  1. Industry Minister Micha Harish also called for a drastic interest rate reduction.
  2. Industry Minister Micha Harish said he expected the closure would soon be eased.
  3. Israeli Minister of Industry and Trade Micha Harish said.
  4. Micha Harish, the minister of industry and trade, said as he emerged from the Cabinet meeting.
  5. He and Minister of Industry and Trade Micha Harish will meet on Sunday to discuss further details.
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  7. Israel's Trade and Industry Minister Micha Harish attributed the warming ties with China to the Mideast peace process.
  8. Signing the agreements in Israel were Indian Commerce Minister P . Chidambaram and Israeli Industry and Trade Minister Micha Harish.
  9. Trade Minister Micha Harish will ask the Treasury for an increase in his foreign investment budget, a Harish spokesman said.
  10. Several top current figures, including Industry Minister Micha Harish, appeared to be polling too poorly to guarantee a Knesset seat.
  11. While in Israel, Liu also met with Prime Minister Shimon Peres, Agriculture Minister Yaacov Tsur, and Trade Minister Micha Harish.
  12. But Israeli Trade Minister Micha Harish who met with Major later Monday indicated the British leader reacted positively to the Israeli requests.
  13. Israel's Trade Minister Micha Harish said Israel could help open markets for North Carolina companies in eastern Europe, where it had marketing experience.
  14. Israeli Industry Minister Micha Harish and Palestinian Economics Minister Ahmed Qureia said they would appoint a team of experts to develop the plan next week.
  15. "We will talk about encouraging investment and regional cooperation and how to make conditions for cooperation within the region, " said Israeli Trade Minister Micha Harish.
  16. Israel's Industry Minister Micha Harish said Israeli exports to the region increased 28 percent to dlrs 517 million in 1994, mostly in metals, electronics and optics.
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