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  1. And the Metropolitan Opera and Milnes remain loyal to each other.
  2. He has chaired the board of United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta.
  3. Two-page printouts are available for all the metropolitan areas.
  4. Small fleets and those outside metropolitan areas would generally be excluded.
  5. Other employees have been scattered to offices in the metropolitan area.
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  7. Four Corners harvests its clippings from several metropolitan Phoenix golf courses.
  8. The Sprint alliance claimed eight of the top 10 metropolitan areas.
  9. He also sold tickets to the Metropolitan Opera over the phone.
  11. The four-poster at the Metropolitan has a commanding presence.
  12. Additional money will come from the Tokyo metropolitan government as needed.
  13. Just about everything in the New York metropolitan area needs rain.
  14. The first Texas Chicken restaurant opened in metropolitan Manila last week.
  15. Whitacre is based in the company's metropolitan Chicago office.
  16. No other state or large metropolitan travel destination scored as low.
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