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  1. :: : Learn how to read METARs and you'll never have to worry.
  2. For this reason there are considerably fewer TAF locations than there are airports for which METARs are available.
  3. I want to know what 6AC140 " translates " to, not just METARS with that reported.
  4. The METARs for both Tegel and CAVOK and NOSIG, the latter element was criticised by the BFU . At the time, the cold front was south west of Tegel, and had moved in the previous hour.
  5. :: : Aight, I can't be totally sure, but is you look at this list of METARs and cross reference it with this list of cloud types, you'll notice that whenever a block of # XX # # # appears, as a remark, the XX matches to some type of cloud type.
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