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  1. Rh undergoes a conformational change into its active form, metarhodopsin.
  2. Finally, Metarhodopsin II is deactivated.
  3. Finally, arrestin, another protein, binds the phosphorylated metarhodopsin II, completely deactivating it.
  4. Metarhodopsin activates Gq, which in turn activates a phospholipase C? ( PLC? ) known as NorpA.
  5. Metarhodopsin II activates the G protein transducin ( G t ) to activate the visual phototransduction pathway.
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  7. It is this pathway, where Metarhodopsin II is phosphorylated and bound to arrestin and thus deactivated, which is thought to be responsible for the S2 component of dark adaptation.
  8. When the calcium levels fall during phototransduction, the calcium dissociates from recoverin, and rhodopsin kinase is released, when it proceeds to phosphorylate metarhodopsin II, which decreases its affinity for transducin.

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