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  1. It was also used in the Galactic Milieu to help latent metapsychics achieve operancy.
  2. The Milieu also does not allow any operant metapsychics to go back to the Pliocene.
  3. Following a number of failed pregnancies Teresa has her reproductive license revoked ( under the interdict, metapsychics must have permission to have children ).
  4. Marc decides to fight regardless, but the three pacifists call out to all the metapsychics in the galaxy to help join in Unity and stop the Rebels.
  5. This culminates in a showdown at the end of the book where Denis calls out to all the present and absent metapsychics of goodwill to join in a " metaconcert " against an attack by Victor and Kieran.
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  7. The Tanu use a torc-like device to bring their wide variety of latent metapsychic abilities into a partial operancy, while the Firvulag are naturally operant metapsychics-who have a limited range of abilities compared to the Tanu.
  8. He wrote : " It has been shown that as regards subjective metapsychics the simplest and most rational explanation is to suppose the existence of a faculty of supernormal cognition . . . setting in motion the human intelligence by certain vibrations that do not move the normal senses ."

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