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  1. These amplify a human's inherent metapsychic ability by orders of magnitude.
  2. The Tanu and Firvulag exotics have metapsychic powers and are extremely long-lived.
  3. Individuals generally have different levels of ability in the various classes of metapsychic powers.
  4. They also have a much more muscular figure, and often have stronger metapsychic powers.
  5. Others less able to tolerate this quickly become burnt out due to repeated metapsychic trauma.
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  7. Washington, where he has manipulated Rogi using metapsychic coercion to journey to the summit.
  8. A massive wave of metapsychic suffering and grief overwhelms the minds of the entire milieu.
  9. "' Coercion "'is the ability of metapsychic mind control over other people.
  10. Other humans with great metapsychic powers are also given silver or golden torcs and may eventually achieve high rank.
  11. For example, in " Magnificat ", Denis uses metapsychic coercion to manipulate Rogi to climb Mt.
  12. Subsequent research yields results in many places in the world and Denis organizes yearly meetings within the secret metapsychic community.
  13. Dorothea turns out to be another Paramount, with incredibly strong redactive powers and resistance to metapsychic probes and attacks.
  14. "' Farsensing "': the ability to communicate with others and to sense remotely via metapsychic means.
  15. Grey Torcs do not enhance metapsychic powers at all, although they do grant the wearer a much simplified version of Farspeech.
  16. By the third book in the series, Marc has matured into a highly capable metapsychic and is regarded as a Paramount.
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