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  1. Human metapneumovirus may be the culprit in many such cases, he said.
  2. Human metapneumovirus was first reported in 2001 and avian metapneumovirus in the 1970s.
  3. Human metapneumovirus was first reported in 2001 and avian metapneumovirus in the 1970s.
  4. Whether the metapneumovirus plays some role in SARS is also a matter of debate.
  5. In one experiment, we infected monkeys either with the coronavirus or the human metapneumovirus.
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  7. We infected monkeys _ macaques _ either with the coronavirus or with the human metapneumovirus.
  8. In a third group we infected the monkeys first with coronavirus then with the metapneumovirus,
  9. However, Falsey said it appears that hoarseness is more often a symptom of metapneumovirus colds.
  10. The monkeys infected with the metapneumovirus developed mild symptoms, but not the pattern seen in SARS.
  11. Human metapneumovirus, which is a cause of respiratory infections including pneumonia, was discovered in 2001.
  12. Experts say the metapneumovirus is almost certainly not a new bug but something that has been around for eons.
  13. Compared with respiratory syncytial virus, infection with human metapneumovirus tends to occur in slightly older children and to produce disease that is less severe.
  14. In addition to numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, Krajden has been quoted in the lay press on subjects such as human metapneumovirus, and SARS.
  15. It was later determined that this was the human metapneumovirus, which is known to cause respiratory problems in children, the elderly and people with weak immune systems.
  16. In laying hens, abnormal and reduced egg production are also observed in Egg Drop Syndrome 76 ( EDS ), cause by an Atadenovirus and avian metapneumovirus infections.
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