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  1. Electrical conductivity is obtained by metallisation of the protein 3D structure.
  2. They are moved onto the finishing line infeed conveyor, or cooling station, in preparation for metallisation.
  3. In turn, this is determined by the height of the metallisation layers, also known as the'stack height '.
  4. Electromigration can be a cause of degradation in some power semiconductor devices such as low voltage power MOSFETs, in which the lateral current through the source contact metallisation ( often aluminium ) can reach the critical current densities during overload conditions.
  5. These may include simplified pixel designs which require less metallisation,'light pipes'built within the pixel to bring its apparent surface closer to the microlens and'back side illumination'in which the wafer is thinned to expose the rear of the photodetectors and the microlens layer is placed directly on that surface, rather than the front side with its wiring layers.
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  7. :It's also possible that the original CD had some microscopic holes in the metallisation layer ( there was a time a few years back where this happened a lot )-and the'surface tension'( for want of a better word ) of the metal in the foil is enough to open up these tiny pinholes to the point where they are actually damaging to the data.

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