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  1. The metalling was generally about thick at the centre with a pronounced camber.
  2. However, it proved to be valueless iron pyrite and was eventually salvaged for road metalling.
  3. Thickness of metalling also varies greatly, as does the size of " agger ".
  4. Be good, if I read about a superconductivity in English as a private case of a metalling.
  5. Near to the Alfoldean station the metalling was constructed from iron slag in a solid 30 cm thick mass.
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  7. By mid-1953 the [ Whaanga ] road was almost completed, though metalling was not done for 2 years . "
  8. Rather than re-metalling the bearing journals and hand-scraping a new bearing surface to fit the crankshaft, these bearings were disposable after use.
  9. The metalling was in two layers, a foundation of medium to large stones covered by a running surface, often a compacted mixture of smaller flint and gravel.
  10. The average depth of metalling over 213 recorded roads is about, with great variation from as little as to up to in places, probably built up over centuries.
  11. More mundane works such as forming and metalling, laying concrete kerbing and channelling, and footpath widening along Kelvin Grove Road were carried out over a number of years.
  12. It consisted of metalling ( gravel surfacing ) the southern portion of Calcasieu Parish and around the west side of Calcasieu and Mud Lakes to the gulf coast at Holly Beach.
  13. The average width of the paved road is, or 25 Roman " metalling varies from place to place, and the outer ditches were found to be apart at Westhampnet.
  14. Subsequently, in the 1910s the Ithaca Town Council embarked on a programme of civic improvements which included the formation and metalling of roads; tree planting; and the establishment of numerous embankment gardens, small reserves and street gardens.
  15. In winter it makes a short subdued " click " note but the song is a metalling jingle made of " swee-swee " notes ending with a " dzwe-ee-dul ".
  16. Hayes reports that in his survey in the 1950s, he found " trace of the embankment " in one short section and " a patch of the metalling " in four additional sections along a route past Hazle Head and Julian Park.
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