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  1. But keeping it in the metallic state can be tricky.
  2. Radium was isolated in its metallic state by Marie Curie and Andr?Louis Debierne through the electrolysis of radium chloride in 1911.
  3. There is particular interest in these unusual metallic states, which are believed to exhibit a marked preponderance towards the development of superconductivity.
  4. The lanthanides and actinides, in the metallic state, can exist as either divalent ( such as europium and ytterbium ) or trivalent ( most other lanthanides ) metals.
  5. This criterion states that an insulator such as an oxide can experience a composition-induced transition to a metallic state given a minimum doping concentration n c, determined by:
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  7. Berzelius did not isolate the element in its metallic state; for the first time, thorium was isolated in 1914 by D . Lely Jr . and L . Hamburger.
  8. The energy required to transform B, C, N, Si and P from nonmetallic to metallic states has been estimated as 30, 100, 240, 33 and 50 kJ / mol, respectively.
  9. At around 8 MPM, a " transition to the metallic state " ( TMS ) takes place ( also called a " metal to nonmetal transition " ( MNMT ) ).
  10. Indeed, if not chlorinated ( or insufficiently chlorinated ) the platinum and rhenium in the catalyst would be reduced almost immediately to metallic state by the hydrogen in the vapour phase.
  11. V . M . Asnin and A . A . Rogachev discovered metallic conduction in germanium at low temperatures when the density of excitons exceeded the amount required to transition into a metallic state.
  12. Europium becomes a superconductor when it is cooled below 1.8 K and compressed to above 80 GPa . This is because europium is divalent in the metallic state, and is converted into the trivalent state by the applied pressure.
  13. In 1867, Roscoe began an elaborate investigation of vanadium and its compounds, and devised a process for preparing it pure in the metallic state, at the same time showing that the substance which had previously passed for the metal was contaminated with oxygen.
  14. The energy of the 4f electron is nearly the same as that of the outer 5d and 6s electrons that are delocalised in the metallic state, and only a small amount of energy is required to change the relative occupancy of these electronic levels.
  15. Care must be taken to avoid removing too much of the oxygen from the anode copper, as this will cause other impurities to change from their oxide to metallic states and they will remain in solid solution in the copper, reduce its conductivity and change its physical properties.
  16. After postulating a direct correlation between electron concentration and crystal structure in beta-phase alloys, Hume-Rothery analyzed the trends in melting points, compressibilities and bond lengths as a function of group number in the periodic table in order to establish a system of valencies of the transition elements in the metallic state.
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