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  1. It descends from the Merino sheep first brought to Saxony in 1765.
  2. It was stocked with 11, 000 merino sheep and 158 shorthorn cattle.
  3. He led an unsuccessful attempt to introduce Merino sheep into the Chamonix valley.
  4. He then built Wollomai House, and ran merino sheep from New South Wales.
  5. Angas bought Merino sheep and cattle, employing out-of work migrants on his property.
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  7. On returning to America, Jarvis gave eight merino sheep to Jefferson.
  8. This strain of Merino sheep has been bred for milk production.
  9. He was interested in the introduction of the merino sheep breed.
  10. By the 1920s he had stocked the run with merino sheep.
  11. Even in death, Consul Jarvis's ties to merino sheep would overshadow his other accomplishments.
  12. Linus Wilcox was one of the first breeders of merino sheep in the state.
  13. In 1807 Watson moved to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to raise Merino sheep at his farm.
  14. There are around 100, 000 sheep, including the Merino sheep.
  15. Up to 9500 merino sheep were stocked on the station along with Percollili Station.
  16. The Hills, the site of Austallia's first merino sheep farm.
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