merely in a sentence

"merely" meaning  "merely" in Chinese  
  1. Not merely for the Giants, but for any NFL team.
  2. Demonizing him has merely helped those in Cuba who deify him.
  3. It's merely a bullet in your forehead ."
  4. Some viewers will find this part touching, others merely laughable.
  5. But the leader, Miami, merely is 7-4.
  6. It's difficult to find merely in a sentence.
  7. But he did not merely offer a variation on a theme.
  8. Defeated by indifference, he now merely goes through the motions.
  9. The Republicans are merely playing politics with the taxpayers'wallets.
  10. But Jim Abbott was merely ordinary and now he is gone.
  11. For Rogers, his success last year was merely a bonus.
  12. Distinct from pro hockey and baseball players, who merely strike.
  13. Removing an icon from the Program Manager merely removes the icon.
  14. The story for Gakeler was merely walking out to the mound.
  15. It merely says that each sex must be represented in marriage.
  16. They want not merely to reshape welfare but to eliminate it.
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